The Preface of Love and the Divine Feminine provides a vision of Love received by me some while ago.  It sets the tone of what is being explored.

Part 1


Love said:

“I am the messenger of stars, and of river, wind and earth.  Hear me.  Invite me in, and for a while suppose that what I say is true.  For I speak of ‘Being in Love’, and once upon a time is always here.

“True being arises, can only arise, from Being in Love – Great Love, divine, universal, eternal, without time and dimension, within all that is.  For I am the motion, the flux, the pulse of all that is.

“Being in love, you are united with being in Love.  Without this you are separated and cannot see nor speak of anything that is true.  To find Truth, find me – be in love, Be in Love.  To rest and be at peace, dwell in me – be in love, be in Love.

“Mysterious, difficult to discern, there is a law, eternal, shaping all that is.  It is the law to which all must be aligned.  It is the realm of Goodness, which some call God.  When being is true, it is aligned to Goodness – such beauty.  The laws you make and live by must follow this law of Goodness.  Otherwise, they will be false, unjust and harmful.”

Love said:

“I am the ever moving principle.  I am given and received.  The lover and the beloved dwell in Love; together, in me, they move and are one.  And although I remain a mystery, sometimes you may glimpse me when, in love and turning towards, you feel their presence, lover and beloved intertwined.  At your best your love comes close to me, Divine Love, Great Love.”

Part 2 


Love said:

“My voice unites the True and the Good, drawing all to the One, Mother and Father of all.  What I tell you is the keeping of the laws of Wisdom.  It is the love you have for one another; not just that you love one another, but that you love one another in accordance with the eternal law of Goodness.  You have heard this before.  For this is the complete and ever abiding love that runs through all that is, and which can be discerned in all that is.  You cannot proceed aright unless you follow this.”

Love said:

“How then might I be known?  I will tell you.  I can only be known in terms of my being.  Which is to say: being can only be truly known in terms of my presence.  To enquire of Love is to enquire into the very nature of Being.

“When the Buddha awoke from his meditation beneath the Bodhi Tree, having seen things as they really are, I was there.  And when he was asked what he had seen, he replied: ‘Coming to be, coming to be, ceasing to be, ceasing to be.

“I remember hearing this.  For I am the constant rising and falling of Being, a perpetual movement of separation and reunion.  Being and Love are a constant rhythm of union, separation and reunion – the essential qualities of Being, held in balance and harmony by Love.

“But in your own lives, that rhythm has been lost and broken.  Separation rules.  Without me, without Love, without Union between the Mother and the Father, the goodness of the whole has been abandoned, leading to great harm – imbalance, disharmony, fearfulness and injustice.  All of these now shape your way of being.

“And yet there is in all being a deep inclination towards reunion, the desire for which is felt in all forms of true love; for I am the impulse by which the separated may be reunited.  And with this ancient purpose, all that is seeks perfection of Goodness – transcendence, a movement towards.”

Part 3


Love said:

“Great Love is an old and lost language.  And in your time, being little understood, it is difficult to speak of.  Yet without Great Love nothing can be truly understood or said.

“In your disconnected world, you need to know this.  Separated and apart, you find no place for me.  Seeking only to have and then to have more, you find no place for me.  But without me, everything disintegrates and cannot be reunited with the One.

“Whilst you may sometimes see me and feel me in yourselves and in others, it is usually no more than a glimpse, a touch.  For Great Love is something other, something beyond and within all that is.  Frail as you are, you cannot look upon me directly.  And yet, without me nothing can truly be.

“Despite the difficulty, you must do your best to discern my motion.  To do otherwise would be to live falsely and proceed in ignorance.”

Part 4


Hearing this, Nature came forward and said:

“I dwell in Love.  For my well-being requires balance and harmony – giving and receiving, interdependence, co-operation and adaptability.  My growth and decline follow a rhythmic pattern of being in which, moved by Love, there is an arising and a falling away, a continual pattern of re-formation and renewal.

“I, too, heard it: ‘Coming to be, coming to be, ceasing to be, ceasing to be’.  Union, separation and reunion.

“In early September, most of the flowering has ended.  Summer is giving way to Autumn.  Then Winter will come, and in the darkness the magic will begin, as all that is once more returns in Spring to flower again.

“Growth declines and gives back to me all I need to nourish and renew.  Much wiser than you, trees and shrubs and plants all know their well-being depends upon my well-being, whole, integrated and complete.  Some will flourish and others will not, each playing their part, sustaining the intricate wholeness of Being.”

Part 5


Departing, Love said:

Can you learn this?  Can you hear me, the voice of stars, of river, wind and earth?”

When I first heard this voice, I thought it was a goddess, but then I realised that sometimes Love spoke with the voice of a woman and sometimes with the voice of a man, neither goddess nor god, but a Divine Presence.  

It was a daytime dream, something from somewhere else and so I wrote it down. 

But suppose it is true.


Is there anything you would like to know?

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