Here are a selection of books and articles I have written.

In Order to Love

In Order to Love is part of a trilogy on ‘Love’ written by David Cadman, the first two parts being Love and the Divine Feminine (2020) and The Recovery of Love: Living in a Troubled World (2022). In Order to Love explores the proposition that Love is of the essence, and it does this by enquiring into the birth and life of our Universe, into that most intimate relationship of mother and child in utero and at birth, and into the teachings of the Tao. It asks what it is that Love requires of us in order that Love may become manifest. What we discover is this: as part of a Universe shaped by Love, we are born to love and be loved; and what love requires is that we learn to love, that we become Love.

In Order to Love has been published by Zig Publishing and is available either at bookshops in Aldeburgh, Halesworth or Woodbridge or on Amazon.

The Recovery of Love

In a world that is troubled, The Recovery of Love explores how it is that we have come to be where we are and what it is that is required of us in order to live through the difficulties that we face, socially, economically and environmentally. Above all, it asks us to take Love seriously. Written as a personal reflection, but drawing from a wide range of source material, the book asks that we free ourselves to imagine a world built upon principles of Love – in detail and with intent.

“For there is but Love and we are made of it, made for it, made by it. It is the universal and timeless condition, the way of the Cosmos.”

The Recovery of Love has been published by Zig Publishing and is available either at bookshops in Aldeburgh, Halesworth or Woodbridge or on Amazon.

Love & The Divine Feminine

Love said: “I am the messenger of stars, and of river, wind and earth. Hear me. Invite me in, and for a while suppose that what I say is true. For I speak of ‘Being in Love’, and once upon a time is always here.” 

Once upon a time, the wisdom of the Lunar goddess kept all in balance and harmony, but the intellect of the Solar god came to hold sway and something was lost – now, we need to find it again.

Love & The Divine Feminine is an exploration of the loss of love and the feminine principle in Western culture. It is a story about how a particular kind of patriarchy and a doctrine of sin and redemption has dominated our lives, leaving a trail of suffering and destruction in its wake.

This book is a search for Love, and for the Divine Feminine; it offers a new story where the Myth of Love takes centre stage, neither masculine nor feminine, but whole

Love & the Divine Feminine has been published by Panacea books and is available either at bookshops in Aldeburgh, Halesworth or Woodbridge or on Amazon.

Why Love Matters

I coedited this book of essays with my colleague Scherto Gill, with a Foreword by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. Why Love Matters is a collection of essays that touch upon Love in politics, economy, healthy and peace.  The essays propose that intrinsic values of love, compassion and caring for others and the Earth should underpin the intent and governance of all of our decisions in both our private and public lives and at local, regional, national and global levels.
Edited by Scherto Gill and David Cadman


I co-edited this book of essays with my colleague Scherto Gill for the Spirit of Humanity Forum. Peacefulness insists that instead of studying peace through conflict we should develop a narrative of peacefulness for and of itself.  The essays argue that peace is the most fundamental of all human values and that peacefulness is an inherent human virtue, and a primary character of the universe.  Drawing on ideas and insights from peacebuilding practices, spiritual traditions and the healing experiences of individuals and communities, the authors put forward a compelling case for lasting peace on our planet.
Edited by Scherto Gill and David Cadman

The Speeches & Articles of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales

Volumes One, Two and three
Some years ago, the University of Maryland published two collections of my speeches and articles for use by students studying in Professor Suheil Bushrui’s course, ‘The Spiritual Heritage of the Human Race’. I was delighted, if somewhat surprised, to find that there was an interest in my work at university, but I understand that it has continued and now requires this more extensive archive covering the period from my first speech in 1968 until the end of 2012.
Published by the University of Wales Press, 2014 and 2018

Holiness in the Everyday

This book brings together for the first time a group of essays on topics such as peace, sustainability and love that have been at the heart of my writings for the last ten or so years. The essays are set within the context of Quaker testimony, that is the way in which Quakers express their faith both in their meetings for worship and in their everyday lives. Most especially, the book seeks to bring back into our lives wholeness and holiness.
Available from Quaker Books, Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ

020 7663 1030 – Cost: £7

A Sacred Trust: Ecology and Spiritual Vision

A collection of essays based upon lectures organized by The Prince’s Foundation and the Temenos Academy.  With a Preface by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, the essays reflect a wide variety of backgrounds, but their authors all share a conviction that the answers to our present ecological crisis can only come from the wisdom which is to be found in the world’s sacred traditions
Available from: Stephen Overy, The Temenos Academy
Tel: 01233 813663   or  email:

Cost: £5.00 (paperback) / £10.00 (cased)



A collection of essays based upon talks given by the Temenos Academy at The Prince’s Foundation during the academic year 2003-2003 with a Foreword by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.
Available from: Stephen Overy, The Temenos Academy
Tel: 01233 813663   or  email:

Cost: £5.00 (paperback) / £10.00 (cased)


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