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What is A Narrative of Love?

Working with colleagues here in the UK and in China, A Narrative of Love explores the ways in which Love has been expressed and practised in Western philosophy and in the great spiritual traditions of all time.  My part is exploring the loss of Love and the Divine Feminine from the time of the ancient goddesses to our present largely secular world.  Looking especially at what has happened in Western society over two thousand years to the teachings of Love offered to us by the mystic, Yeshua (or Jesus as he came to be known), it welcomes the rising voice of women and the memory and teachings of Yeshua’s companion, Mary Magdalene. 

Love said: “I am the messenger of stars, and of river, wind and earth. Hear me. Invite me in, and for a while suppose that what I say is true. For I speak of ‘Being in Love’, and once upon a time is always here.” 

Once upon a time, the wisdom of the Lunar goddess kept all in balance and harmony, but the intellect of the Solar god came to hold sway and something was lost – now, we need to find it again.

Love & The Divine Feminine is an exploration of the loss of love and the feminine principle in Western culture. It is a story about how a particular kind of patriarchy and a doctrine of sin and redemption has dominated our lives, leaving a trail of suffering and destruction in its wake.

This book is a search for Love, and for the Divine Feminine; it offers a new story where the Myth of Love takes centre stage, neither masculine nor feminine, but whole

Love & the Divine Feminine has been published by Panacea books and is available to purchase either at bookshops in Aldeburgh, Halesworth or Woodbridge or on Amazon.

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