Here are a selection of works currently underway.

A Narrative of Love

Love and the Divine Feminine

Working with colleagues here in the UK, in America and in China, A Narrative of Love explores the ways in which Love has been expressed and practised in Western philosophy and in the great spiritual traditions of all time.  My part is exploring the loss of Love and the Divine Feminine from the time of the ancient goddesses to our present largely secular world.  Looking especially at what has happened in Western society over two thousand years to the teachings of Love offered to us by the mystic, Yeshua (or Jesus as he came to be known), it welcomes the rising voice of women and the memory and teachings of Yeshua’s companion, Mary Magdalene. 

The Harmony Institute

As a Harmony Professor of Practice at the University of Wales Trinity St David’s Harmony Institute, I am working with colleagues to explore how principles of Harmony can be integrated into every part of the University and shared with scholars and students throughout the world.

Harmony & Education

The Harmony Project envisions a way of learning to live that is based upon a deep understanding of – and connection to – the natural world. The Project works with educators to help them put Nature’s principles of Harmony at the heart of teaching and learning. When education is structured in this way, students are better placed to develop a more connected, systemic way of seeing and understanding the world, and our place in it.

Gathered Silence

This is new work, and I am only just beginning.  But somehow I know that much of what we are looking for lies in the Silence of Love.  Can only be found there.  And so I am interested in the practice of Gathered Silence, finding opportunities to experience it and share it with others and with myself.  At present, I am sharing it privately with my own local Quaker Meeting, where, because of the Virus, we meet for half an hour on Zoom every Tuesday morning at 11.00 am, and, more publicly, with my colleagues in the Spirit of Humanity Forum and colleagues in Iceland (  I am also exploring it with my colleague Scherto Gill in ‘A Narrative of Love’ and my colleague Kayleen Asbo of the Ubiquity University (


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